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The GSM-192 is a solid high-technology design unit that allows a GSM Cellular Network to be easily connected to a Standard SLT phone, PBX System or as backup line for VoIP Solutions.


Reduction of Communications Billing

Easy to install, the GSM-192 can be used in conjunction with a existing PBX and LCR to route the customer GSM calls via the GSM gateway. This converts calls from fix land lines to GSM calls and can allow network charge saving on Telco Charges.

 Emergency Backup lines

The GSM-192 Gateway can be used for the backup of VoIP lines if they fail or the Network is damaged. If the communications fail, all calls made from the PBX or VoIP Server can be routed via the Sim cards in the Gateway, so keeping the communications channels open. VoIP can have an automatic fail over location, this could be set to the GSM-192 routers enabling incoming calls to be routed automatically.

Emergency Backup lines

When connected to an analogue telephone, the GSM-192 Gateway can be used as  for small remote offices or other locations that don’t have a fixed line infrastructure.

Technical Information

Functions of the GSM-192 include:

  • Dial tone
  • DTMF Dialing
  • Bell signal (FSK)
  • Polarity reversal (international Standard)
  • The RJ-11 socket which connect the phone, PBX or VoIP FX0 port
  • 2.1mm plug outlet for DC +9V power supply / source
  • Antenna socket (FME)
  • RS232 interface (DB9-HL)
  • IP usage switch
  • Working status indicator
  • Signal Strength indicator


GSM850MHZ 824-849MHZ 869-894MHZ
EGSM900MHZ 880-915MHZ 925~960MHz
DCS1800MHZ 1710~1785MHz 1805~1880MHz


  • Hanging voltage:45V Picking off voltage:30mA/41mA
  • Dialing tone Frequency:450Hz
  • Antenna interface:- Antenna amplifying 〉1.5DB
    • Sensitivity 〈 -104DBM
    • Transmitting power≤3W
  • Backup battery interface: Li battery 1200MA/hour/7.2V(option)
  • Standby Time:  above one day
  • Adapter interface:INPUT:AC 105~260V,  OUTPUT:+9V/1000MA
  • Talk Time: about one and half hours
  • Serial communication interface:RS-232 full serial interface mode (with assign date transport line)
    • Operational Environment:  Operation temperature:-10℃ ~ 60℃, Storage temperature:-20℃ ~ 70℃, Operation humidity:45% —95%, AP 86 -106Kpa
  • Environment noise:〈 60DB
  • Transmitting Power: 2W
  • Sensitivity: <-104dbm
  • Antenna Amplifying: >1.5db
  • Dialing frequency: 450Hz
  • Idle FXs voltage: 45V
  • Picking current: 30mA/41mA